Engineers without licence to face prosecution – GhIE

The President of the Ghana Institute of Engineering (GhIE), Ing. Reverend Professor Charles Adams says engineers without professional licensing will, from November 2021, face prosecution under the Engineering Council Act of 2011, Act 819 if found practicing.

Ing. Adams said this in an interview with Citi News during the induction of 45 new members and the inauguration of the Western, Western North, and Central Regional Chapter office in Takoradi.

He explained that the licensing measure is to ensure professionalism in engineering to prevent a repeat of recent numerous deadly construction accidents in the country.

“In this country, occasionally you will hear that a building has collapsed, you will hear about people dying from the practices of people who call themselves engineers. Not all these people may necessarily be professional engineers. So under the Act, all that we are saying is we need all persons, whether they are craftsmen, technicians, technologists, or engineers, to append their signature to get a license to operate in order not to fall foul of the law. Why? Because in this country, starting somewhere in November, if you practice engineering, or you call yourself an engineer without a license, you can be taken to court and punished.”So we are encouraging everyone, whether you are a craftsman, technician, technologist or you have gone to engineering school, and you have been taken through the knowledge of becoming an engineer, you need to find the appropriate licensing body of the Engineering Licensing Council of Ghana, and the Ghana Institute of Engineering is one of them,” he said.